Scooby's Dog Waste Removal Service

Love your dog but hate the dog waste? Wish someone would do the dirty work for you? You're not alone! We have hundreds of clients who hire us to come by once a week to do the dirty work for them!

Let Scooby's professional, thorough and dependable staff manage the time-consuming, unsanitary and gross burden of keeping your yard clear of dog waste. Reclaim your spare time and your yard for your family and your dog!

If your family battles over who has to perform this particular chore, that's one more happy teenager!

If you live in a condominium, townhouse or housing complex, notifying your strata that you've hired Scooby's to manage your yard may enable you to have an additional dog.

If you are physically challenged, our service may enable you to have a companion dog that you would otherwise not be able to keep.

If you have thought about purchasing a dog waste composter to manage dog waste yourself, be warned; the dog waste takes months to decompose--the poop piles up faster than it goes away!